Extension of line 8 via Stuhr to Weyhe-Leeste

Line 8 is being extended to Leeste, Hagener Straße. Up to Willakedamm, line 8 will share platforms with line 1. After that it will travel on the rails of the BTE, the Bremen-Thedinghauser railway (Bremen-Thedinghauser Eisenbahn), through Moordeich, Stuhr and Erichshof to Leeste.

More information can be found online at www.verlaengerung-sued.de

Facts and figures

  • Length of route from branch-off at Heinrich-Plett-Allee to state border: 0,6 km
  • Length of route from state border to Weyhe-Leeste: 9,0 km
  • Residents in the catchment area: 20,000.